Greater Olney Brew Club


Thanks for visiting our page! We are very happy you are interested in our favorite past time, home brewing. Posted below are some current notable events and links to interesting happenings in Montgomery County and the local Maryland area.

About Us

As members of the Brewers Regionally Encompassing Woodmoore (B-R-E-W) our passion grew and expanded in the Olney area. GO B-R-E-W sprouted from a passion of good beer and good friends sharing the same passion. Through word of mouth and the small of good beer, our brew sessions and tastings grew to a substantial number. We are not all home brewers, but we are all interested in good beer. Most of our brew sessions focus around trying a new style and helping members understand what makes that style of beer different from others. Tastings are a new off shoot of our brew sessions that will help pin point what we will be brewing next. Brew sessions can happen on a whim, or a monthly basis when we are feeling really well organized.

Thanks to great food and inspired member contributions, our brew sessions have become a monthly event not many would pass up.